The Association of Translators and Interpreters is proud to introduce you to its current plans.

Linguistics Club “Paroles Libres

Welcome to our new linguistics club “Paroles Libres”. For everyone who wishes to learn a new language, to be able to speak a language they already acquired, to improve their level, to translate texts, to express themself on a variety of topics, to share their opinion, to meet people, to bring more exposure to their art, to spend time in a friendly atmosphere to find a true team and support, to go out with. Join us quickly!

The new club is open to all initiatives and ideas. With us, you will have the opportunity to discuss with native speakers of the language you wish to learn and offer your mother tongue in compensation.

Moreover, you can choose topics which are of interest to you and you wish to discuss, thus you get to be the teacher and the student at the same time.

Furthermore, we organize theme evenings, Paris city tours, some walks, exhibitions and artistic demonstration events. You can spend whole days in our club. Join us! The speech is free!

You can contact us at:

If you are interested, please leave
 your name, first name, phone number, mail address, the language you speak, the language you wish to learn as well as your pastimes and your availabilities.

Website of the linguistics club “Paroles libres”

Language school Arc-En-Ciel

The association aim to spread the French language, as well as other languages of the European Union and those of other continents.

The three main missions are:

  • Offering French courses, and courses for other languages of European Union as well as other languages in the world, for all audiences.
  • Suggesting a better knowledge of the French culture, other countries of the European Union and other cultures around the world.
  • Promoting respect, cultural diversity, exchanges, conviviality, solidarity and innovation of the website of the language school