The Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association created in October 2009 by a consortium of translators in France, is an association of law 1901 which brings together professionals communicating in more than 30 languages.

  • European union languages (English, German, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian etc)

  • Post-Soviet area languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Armenian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek etc )

  • Asians and Africans languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew)

The Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association assists in the daily life where knowledge of languages is required.

  • Translations of all types of documents (administrative, legal, technical, or scientific)

  • Interpretation during conferences, exhibitions…

  • Administrative support (obtaining official documents, integration into daily life)

  • Language courses

  • Bridging cultures

  • Facilitation of social integration

  • Professional internship offers